AI Accelerators: 8-week Implementation


Turbocharge insights with the power of Azure Cognitive Services & OpenAI

In the rapidly evolving business world, leveraging data insights and automating processes is essential to maintain a competitive edge. A wealth of unstructured data—such as maintenance logs, customer feedback, and procurement records—often goes untapped due to the difficulty of extracting actionable insights. With OpenAI, ChatGPT’s AI Platform, and Azure Cognitive Services, organizations can harness the power of AI to transform their operations, improve efficiency, and enhance data-driven decisions.

Quisitive’s tailored AI solutions integrate OpenAI and Azure Cognitive Services to unlock the potential of your unstructured data, streamline processes, and optimize operations across the organization.

Benefits & Value

  • Unleash the untapped potential of your unstructured data, enhancing data-driven decisions and process improvements.
  • Optimize operations across the organization.
  • Minimize risk and maximize ROI with tailored solutions designed to fit your organization's unique needs.

8 Week Package

  • Data extraction from two types of unstructured data sources.
  • Implementation of Azure Cognitive Search for intuitive access to insights.
  • Development of custom AI models using OpenAI for targeted use cases.
  • Integration with existing systems and processes.
  • Training and support for your team to leverage the AI solutions.
  • Additional data source or data type integration
  • Advanced AI model fine-tuning and optimization
  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard for real-time insights and KPI tracking
  • Extended post-deployment support and maintenance

Quisitive also offers a 6 Week Package, which includes the first five (5) features of the 8-week engagement.

Both packages include a 4-hour Innovation Workshop, where our AI experts will collaborate with you to identify and prioritize potential AI use cases for your organization.