Azure VMware Solution: 8-week Proof-of-Concept


Quisitive’s Azure VMware Solution Proof-of-Concept is designed for organizations who seek to explore the potential of extending their VMware infrastructure to Azure as a hybrid cloud solution.

Whether it’s testing the Azure VMware Solution as a disaster recovery option, migrating on-premises virtual machines to Azure VMware, or validating the integration of legacy machines not natively supported in Microsoft Azure, Quisitive’s Azure VMware Solution Proof-of-Concept offer is designed to provide organizations with the validation they need ahead of any planned migration.

Our Approach

  1. Plan and establish network connectivity and a trial AVS cluster to create a secure and efficient hybrid cloud environment.
  2. Deploy the HCX and Azure Backup Server solutions to provide migration and backup validation, ensuring that all critical data and applications can be protected.
  3. Leverage HCX-based migration or HCX DR failovers from existing VMware data centers to complete the migration or protection process.


  • Azure VMware Solution Network Customer Diagram: A detailed network diagram that outlines your Azure VMware Solution environment to ensure optimal performance, security, and compliance.
  • Azure VMware Cloud Adoption Framework Document: A comprehensive document that outlines the process, best practices, and guidelines for adoption Azure VMware Solution in alignment with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.
  • Azure VMware Test Scenarios Report and Findings: We conduct rigorous testing to validate the Azure VMware Solution environment’s reliability, performance, and security. We document our findings and recommendations to ensure your solution is optimized to meet your unique business needs.


  • Weeks 1 – 2: Planning & Documentation
  • Weeks 3 – 8: Implementation

*Estimated price is $65K - $70K, depending on size of customer VMware environment.