Data & AI Pilot: 4-week Implementation


The Data & AI Pilot is the first step in your advanced analytics journey. We demonstrate the art of the possible and create a custom strategic roadmap for advanced analytics adoption.

The data that organizations gather continues to grow exponentially each year. This brings huge opportunities to meet the needs of customers in new ways; to provide advanced, real-time insights to employees for more informed decision making; and to optimize business operations.

Transformative insights can be derived from complex data but require hard-to-find expertise to create. Our Data & AI Pilot is perfect for organizations that are taking the first steps on their advanced analytics journey. The pilot will demonstrate a real implementation that brings new or enhances existing workloads to the Azure cloud and/or innovates with Azure AI services to enable advanced insights and analytics. Building a use case leveraging your own data will demonstrate the art of the possible, setting a pattern to deliver rapid insights with modern data techniques. A typical engagement accelerates the creation of a working Data or AI solution that can provide organizational value in as little as 4 weeks and provides you with a strategic roadmap to continue your data journey.


  • Create new datasets from disparate data sources
  • Objectively measure your business metrics
  • Ensure one source of truth for your entire organization
  • Secure access to the right data at the right time by the right people
  • Real time alerting of anomalies
  • AI-powered devices using the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Virtual agents for improved customer and employee experience
  • Analyze text data for deeper insights on your customers
  • Analyze video data for deeper insights on your operations
  • And much more!

  • Fill the talent gap and let us be your data team.
  • Upskill your internal team through optional mentoring and shadowing programs.
  • Remain competitive in an increasingly data-driven landscape.
  • Pay only for what you need with cloud solutions and agile services.
  • Minimize risk with multiple proof points and regular feasibility analysis.
  • OUR PILOT APPROACH: Our pilot is perfect for helping organizations take the first steps in an advanced analytics or data estate modernization journey:

  • Prioritize early use cases
  • Give early wins to help accelerate adoption
  • Create an advanced analytics or AI solution that adds immediate business value
  • Create a roadmap for continued development
    1. DEFINE
  • Conduct Innovation Workshop to inventory priority business cases
  • Conduct solution design workshop to scope and define pilot opportunity
  • Review current state of Azure environment
  • Education sessions on Azure Data Services as needed
    1. ASSESS
  • Perform discovery on data assets
  • Identify and engage with key stakeholders and technical personnel
  • Conduct data management maturity assessment
  • Scope and build backlog for the pilot implementation
    1. ADOPT
  • Develop the scoped pilot solution
  • Regular reviews and proof points for progress
  • Empower your personnel through shadowing and education
  • Present pilot results and roadmap for future data service enhancements in Azure

  • Continue to innovate after the pilot is completed
  • Implement roadmap features in an Agile fashion
  • Managed Services is also available for ongoing operational support
  • *Estimated pricing based on customer size and project scope.

    Formally a Catapult Systems offer.