Generative AI Innovation: 4-hour Workshop


The Generative AI Innovation Workshop is a business decision-makers first step to getting started with AI.

Quisitive’s Generative AI Innovation Workshop is a 4-hour co-ideation workshop designed to help business decision-makers get started with AI by validating and prioritizing business problems to create a path forward by harnessing the power of Generative AI solutions.

The workshop aims to address stakeholders’ pain points by understanding their magnitude and prioritizing solutions. The workshop utilizes expertise in Open AI, ChatGPT, Azure AI services and Azure Cognitive Services to brainstorm ideas for improving efficiency, making data-driven decisions, and staying ahead in the digital age. The workshop is strategic in nature and focuses on creating alignment and agreement among stakeholders and departments.

What you get:

  1. Executive summary with actionable next steps to start solving problems and driving opportunities with AI
  2. Findings summarizing the decisions you and your team made during the workshop, including a prioritization matrix
  3. An alignment between stakeholders and a clear mission statement

Who should attend?

The Generative AI Innovation Workshop only works to get you started with AI if the right team members participate. Required attendee roles:

  • Business Process Owner — responsible for outcome(s) of business unit(s) and understands the core goals and metrics by which success is measured.
  • Expert Practitioner — deeply understands and is involved in key operations, what the processes are, and how they are measured. Frequently interacts (or wants to interact) with information to drive to answers and insight.