Public Safety Analytics & Reporting: 2-day Workshop


Quisitive’s Public Safety Analytics & Reporting solution helps public safety agencies jump start their data road map with a discovery session, 2-day workshop, and crime analytics solution deployment.


The elasticity of the cloud allows criminal justice agencies to consolidate their data into an environment where they can take full advantage of high-grade security features, data at scale, advanced analytics, and machine learning capabilities. These capabilities can automate reporting, add intelligence to flag discrepancies, analyze more data faster, and uncover findings for staff analysts. With the right partner, you can make similar improvements to your organization.


1. DISCOVER NEEDS: A 2-hour session to understand the public safety agency’s current state, assess their needs, and introduce the crime analytics platform.

2. INNOVATE & DESIGN: Innovation and Architectural Workshops:

  • Day 1: Taking inputs from needs discovery, align priorities to art of possible
  • Day 2: In-depth review of crime analytics platform and design add-ons or customizations


  • Deploy crime analytics solution to Azure
  • Connect agency’s data to the platform
  • Light up analytics & insights functionality

Innovation and Architectural Workshop

Quisitive, jointly with Microsoft, has an established process that helps public agencies improve the availability, accuracy, and integrity of data reporting. Our Innovation Workshop and Architectural Design Session set the foundation for the successful implementation of data-driven solutions that help find answers more quickly and efficiently. With the use of your data and Azure’s AI and machine learning capabilities, as well as Power BI, Quisitive and Microsoft will help you quickly create a solution that fits your needs.

DAY 1: Innovation Session

  • This two-to-three hour co-creation, in-person workshop is the first step toward understanding your priorities, ranking them, knowing where to start, and identifying the best way to build velocity in your journey. Quisitive and the agency will co-ideate insights and advanced analytics scenarios and collaborate to prioritize ideas and scenarios.
  • Deliverable: Executive summary and solution briefs with prioritized needs and timelines.

DAY 2: Design Session

  • This one-day in-depth workshop reviews cloud technical solutions to the agency’s infrastructure and environment. Microsoft reviews data sources, components, and solutions available. Microsoft and the agency identify use cases for exploration and map objectives. Architectural components, solutions, and practices that lead to success are recommended. Risks and mitigation strategies are documented.
  • Deliverable: Statement of project goal, solution requirement and concerns, description of situation and proposed solution, and roadmap for next steps.

*Estimated pricing based on customer size and project scope.

Formally a Catapult Systems offer.