On-Ramp to App Modern (.NET/JAVA/Node.Js) 6-Wk Implementation


Quisitive's On-Ramp to Application Modernization program is a systematic, iterative approach to modernize legacy applications written in .NET, Java, or Node.Js into Microsoft Azure.

As business and IT leaders ourselves, we recognize that cloud-based, modernized applications add opportunity in the marketplace. We also recognize the challenges that complicate application modernization goals.

Quisitive’s ORTAM program is a systematic, iterative approach led by application modernization & migration experts to kickstart your innovation to modernize your legacy applications into a modern Azure PaaS based environment.

  1. Identify Applications & Dependencies to Modernize to Azure We begin by cataloging your organization’s applications by collecting detailed internal documentation and adding your domain knowledge, enabling a complete, holistic view of your estate.

  2. Expand to Evaluate the Current Environment By leveraging an advanced toolset, we expedite the collection of critical information from the source data that informs your modernization options in the cloud and supports your portfolio strategy.

  3. Application Modernization Selection Now that we understand the estate, the applications, and the grouping, we can dive deeper and select the first 20% of applications to modernize by determining the target design end state in Azure PaaS for each application that positions your organization for the future.

  4. Define and Execute Modernization Waves  After evaluating the environment, we group applications based on similarities, such as codebase, complexity, compliance requirements & dependencies, to create the modernization waves, and execution of the first wave into the new Azure environment.