Data & Analytics: 9-Hour Workshop


9-hour workshop to better understand how a modern data architecture can help your business increase success, efficiency and customer engagement.​

Join us to explore Microsoft® Azure® core data and analytics service and learn how businesses in your segment are leveraging it to extract deeper insights into their business. In this workshop, we’ll review best practices, ideate solutions for high-priority use cases and determine if you will benefit more from either a proof-of-concept or MVP. 

As part of this workshop, Rackspace Technology® data architects will work with you to establish the technical and business requirements of your project.

Session 1: Discovery and Knowledge Sharing

Work with a Rackspace Technology data architect to uncover the possibilities available to your business when leveraging cloud native data and analytics services on the Microsoft Azure platform. Activities include:

  • Understand and review priority business use cases
  • Hear how businesses in your segment are leveraging data
  • Review Azure strengths and differentiators
  • Explore data warehousing options on Azure

Session 2: Knowledge Sharing and Technical Deep Dive

We will expand our knowledge sharing to include a closer look at Azure-based data solutions. Activities include:

  • Review visualizations and driving smarter data-driven experience
  • Gain insight into building a modern data platform and modernizing your data lakes and data warehouses
  • Engaging with demos to showcase features

Session 3: Solution Design and Ideation Session

We will ideate and design a solution specific to your workloads and use cases. Activities include:

  • Collaborate to establish business drivers and desired outcomes
  • Ideate high priority use cases for your solution
  • Whiteboard requirements, intended outcomes and a high-level architecture
  • Wrap up session with discussion on next steps between a PoC and MVP solution