Secure Multi-Cloud Environments: 5-Week Workshop


Get a customized threat & vulnerability analysis of your hybrid and multi-cloud environment and learn how to build and operate a more robust cloud security system.

Solution Overview

With a Secure Multicloud Environments Workshop from Rackspace Technology, we can help you develop a strategic plan customized for your organization and based on the recommendations of Microsoft experts in security. You’ll gain visibility into immediate threats and vulnerabilities across Azure, on-premises and multicloud environments, plus guidance on how to improve your security posture for the long-term.

Workshop Agenda

  • Week 1
    • Pre-engagement call
    • Customer questionnaire
    • Microsoft Defender for Cloud overview
  • Week 2
    • Deliver scope template
    • Deliver SOW
    • Kickoff meeting
      • Configuration check
  • Weeks 3 & 4
    • Data collection and learning
    • Threat exploration
    • Report generation
  • Week 5
    • Results and next steps
    • Threat exploration

Workshop Outcomes

  • Analyze your requirements and priorities for a hybrid cloud security detection and response solution.
  • Define scope & deploy Azure Defender in the production environment, onboarding servers and other selected services.
  • Explore Azure Network Security capabilities and experience selected Azure Network Security products in a demonstration environment.
  • Discover existing hybrid workload vulnerabilities and learn how to reduce the attack surface area.
  • Discover threats to the included hybrid workloads and demonstrate how to investigate and respond to threats.
  • Move forward with recommended next steps on continuing with a production deployment of Microsoft Defender for Cloud and Azure Network Security.