Azure Well Architected Review: 2-Day Workshop


A 2-day architecture workshop that analyzes customers current infrastructure, providing a broad roadmap on how to optimize an existing environment and operations in Azure.

The Azure Well Architected Review by Rackspace Technology helps take the guesswork out of making sure your existing solutions on Microsoft Azure meet industry best practices for security, availability and operational excellence.

The Well Architected Review is a 2-day workshop that allows Rackspace’s public cloud experts to quickly review a customers environment and provide immediate guidance and create a list of opportunities for improvement. The opportunities align to the 5 pillars of the Microsoft Well Architected Framework (Cost Optimization, Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Reliability and Security).

Workshop Agenda

  1. Day One
    • Define business requirements
    • Define technical requirements
    • Identify necessary tooling
  2. Day Two
    • Review existing Azure deployments and perform assessment
    • Evaluate existing environment against Microsoft’s 5 pillars for a Well Architected Framework
    • Provide guidance on improvements
    • Review priority issues and build a mitigation plan for next steps


  • Well Architected Review assessment and workshop
  • Executive summary with prioritized recommendations
  • Red/Amber/Green review of the environment with prioritized recommendations