Elastic Engineering for Azure Security: 3-months Implementation


Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Security on Azure. A dedicated pod of security experts solving your Microsoft Azure security and compliance challenges.

Break free of traditional reactive approaches to security with an agile, proactive, end-to-end service that continually improves your security posture and cyber readiness - Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Azure Security.

Your Elastic Engineering for Security pod partners with your business every step of the way to assess, architect, implement, engineer, monitor, manage, and respond to complex challenges based on your security and compliance goals. Your pod includes an engagement manager, a pod lead, lead architect, security architects, security engineers, a compliance expert and security analysts/penetration testers who work as an extension of your Azure team dedicated to solve a multitude of cyber challenges.

Typical 3 month implementation plan

  • Month 1: Planning and Hybrid cloud design
    • Ingest Hybrid Cloud Security Workshop recommendations (if available)
    • Review business and technical requirement to include:
    • Overarching Governance, Cloud Security Architecture, Compliance Alignment and mediation, Cloud Workload Protection, Threat and vulnerability Assessments.
    • Begin backlog creation
      • Prioritize Red/Amber/Green recommendations and ongoing innovations
  • Month 2 and 3: Implementation
    • Implementation of Governance, visibility, and auditability for your hybrid cloud
    • Closure of prioritized risks and vulnerabilities
    • Tool implementation, configuration, and tuning (possible list)
      • Azure Defender
      • Azure Security Center
      • Azure Firewall and Web Application Firewall
      • Azure DDoS Protection
      • Azure Sentinel
      • Cloud Security Posture Management

Deliverables that transition you to ongoing Elastic Engineering with the following benefits:

  • Dedicated POD of resource
  • Flexible, tiered pricing
  • Readied for future audits and compliance objectives
  • “Do-with” approach up-leveling your team skills
  • Expertise where you need it

Take the next step toward a secure digital transformation.