Azure Managed Services (EE): 4-wk Implementation


Elastic Engineering for Azure: On-demand access to a team of highly skilled Azure experts that work alongside your team to collaboratively drive your business outcomes with Azure.

It is no longer enough to just “be in the cloud.” Today businesses are under pressure to use cloud technologies to solve strategic problems, build new revenue streams, and decrease costs. With the pace of innovation accelerating like never before, businesses need to transform how they operate in the cloud — to evolve to cloud native.

A Modern, Highly Collaborative Support Model Built for the New World

Rackspace Elastic Engineering provides your business access to a team of Azure-certified cloud engineers who work as an extension of your team to shape your outcomes as you evolve to cloud native. No tickets, no SLAs to check — just work directly with your pod of multi-disciplinary and highly skilled Azure experts as you would your own team.

Typical 4-week implementation plan

  • Week 1: Planning
    • Review Modern IT Operations Enhanced Architecture review findings and recommendations
    • Review business and technical requirements
    • Begin backlog creation
      • Prioritize Red/Amber/Green recommendations
      • Prioritize ongoing innovation
  • Week 2 - 3: Modern IT Operations design
    • Architecture guidance
    • Automation
    • Optimization
    • Performance and Reliability
    • Security and compliance
  • Week 4: Begin Implementation

Deliverable that transitions you to ongoing Elastic Engineering with the following benefits:

  • Dedicated POD of resource
  • “Do-with” approach up-leveling team skills
  • Flexible, tiered pricing
  • Multi-faceted skill sets
  • Access to Rackspace Accelerators

Take the next step toward digital transformation with Elastic Engineering for Azure.