AI Fast Discovery: AI Strategy Workshop - 5 days


Fast Discovery takes a holistic view of the organization or business unit, allowing to create a prioritized portfolio of AI, analytics and digital initiatives across the enterprise.

With our AI Strategy framework Fast Discovery, we take a holistic view of an organization or business unit, allowing us to build a prioritized portfolio of AI opportunities. Through one or more workshops, we help organizations re-align on their key value drivers, help them ideate on ways to satisfy stakeholder needs with AI solutions and prioritize AI opportunities according to their strategic impact and feasibility. We will help you understand what it takes to become an AI-ready organization and to get started with building and deploying AI solutions on Microsoft Azure.

At the end of our Fast Discovery track, we present to clients:

  1. A prioritized list of strategic AI opportunities, with clear success measures to evaluate their impact
  2. A methodology to implement AI use cases with maximal impact and to prepare the organization to support multiple AI initiatives.

The Fast Discovery workshops leverage techniques from Design Thinking to guarantee solid problem understanding, user-focus, and adoption.

Fast Discovery is a multi-day strategy engagement consisting of 2 workshops and a final presentation. Day 1: Briefing (30-minute call) Day 2: Value Drivers workshop: understand the company's mission, vision, and objectives Day 3: Ideation and Prioritization workshop: ideate and prioritize AI use cases Day 4: Formulate and validate data and infrastructure requirements with key team members Day 5: Present final report with Data & AI readiness results, prioritization Grid with recommended AI use cases for your organization, recommendations on how to get started with building AI solutions for your organization on Microsoft Azure.