AI Implementation - 2-week proof-of-concept


In a 2-week PoC, we help you build a scalable end-to-end AI solution. The PoC is built according to our skateboard methodology to ensure a high quality application that can be tested by end-users.

At Radix, we believe in building AI solutions that empower employees to their best work. Whether your organization is looking to reduce costs, reduce effort, or increase customer satisfaction, AI can help you reach these objectives. In a 2-week Proof-of-Concept, our team will develop together with you a custom AI solution leveraging Azure AI and/or open source technologies, that can be tested by end-users. Depending on the solution's complexity, the proof-of-concept may be followed by a longer project to help you refine your AI model's performance and prepare for deploying the solution at scale. During a period of two weeks, you'll have access to a team of machine learning engineers, UX/UI designers, software engineers, and project managers. The Radix team leverages 10 years of experience in designing, developing and scaling AI solutions to make sure that your Proof-of-Concept is ready to be scaled to a production environment on Microsoft Azure.