Assessment: App Modernization Consulting [3 days]


Radix Consultants will spend up to 3 days worth of efforts to assess your current application landscape and provide recommendations for migration/modernization/redevelopment using Azure Stack.

Maintaining legacy software applications with outdated technology stack is a real pain. The technical debt accumulated over years of development and maintenance adds to the cost and that too with a compromise on accommodating your business needs.

Radix Team, with 20+ years of experience in rendering professional consulting and software development services to customers across the globe, would like to offer FREE assessment and consulting services to business owners and IT decision makers.

The objective here is to help them in making the right decisions to manage and get the right ROI from their technology investments. Leveraging latest cloud offerings by Microsoft Azure, our team aims to outline key actions required to transform your software application stack to handle your business growth. This assessment will help us define a clear road-map for you to migrate your applications to Azure infrastructure for better performance, security, scalability at the same time lower costs on infrastructure management at your end.

What Should you Expect from Legacy Application Modernization?

It is acceptable that you find an application modernization a critical process where you are in comfort zone of using the older version. Let us serve you some reasons that you will find it a right business decision -

  • Business logic retention intending to drive higher performance
  • Compatible environment enables software for greater integration
  • Adapt advancements for polished end-user experience
  • Make application more scalable for add-ons of changing business practices
  • Aids a complete elimination of unsupported software and hardware
  • Manage to increase ROI even with the shrunk IT Budget
  • Enact latest tweaks and technology to design flexible IT foundation
Lets connect and explore how we can help in achieving your goals.