Competence as a Service: 12-Months Consulting


This service will help you fill the (temporary) gaps in the knowledge of your internal IT department. As a squad, we can deliver the expertise you need when you need it!

What? We are often asked whether we can supply a specialist or an architect. Usually, it is an application for a multidisciplinary role. “I'm looking for an Architect for the new modern (nextgen) workplace, but also for our Azure cloud roadmap” If you ask further questions, it often turns out to be incredibly hard to find. For this reason, we have developed the following service: Competence-as-a-Service.

How? We supply so-called squads for various companies and organizations: teams from different disciplines (Workspace, Cloud, DevOps and/or Digital) and with different specializations (such as security or data management). A squad contributes to the complete coverage of areas of expertise focused on Azure and/or Microsoft 365.

Why? Moving your environment to the Azure an Microsoft 365 Cloud is a complex task. You need expertise to make it a success. Most companies don’t have this expertise inhouse. RawWorks can help migratie, maintain and improve your Cloud environment. , t.

This competence as a service has two forms: Consultancy and Services.

• At Consultancy, you include one of our Architects as a permanent person in your team for a further agreed period. • With Services, you purchase the service from RawWorks in the form of a subscription, and you receive the right expertise at the right time that can be planned