Azure Cloud Ready Assessment - 5 days


Together we will asses (or together build) your roadmap to the cloud!

Azure Roadmap Assessment starts with interviews and roadmap sessions with stakeholders in your organisation. We will guide you in defining an IT roadmap towards Microsoft Cloud. The goal of these sessions is to work on an business plan, focussed on creating more value of IT for your business.

We will investigate your current environment to define strengths, weaknesses and gaps. We’ll look into the lifecycle of hardware and contracts for support. The applications and processes will be checked to see if they can be adapted to a more efficient implementation in the cloud. An advise for legacy systems which can’t be migrated to a ‘as-a-service’ solution is also part of the architecting phase. The entire environment will be analysed from workplace towards your servers and applications. The goal of the architect phase is to define a roadmap and plan of approach for the next steps in helping your organisation towards a better and more efficient IT environment.