Azure Secure Score: 8 Week Implementation

Razor Technology, LLC

Secure entire Azure Estate with Security Center & Secure Score 8 Week Implementation to quickly improve identity, threat protection & compliance. Foundation for Zero Trust & Well Architected Framework

Nothing is more important than improving and controlling your security posture throughout your Azure Estate. The key to success for cloud infrastructure is to secure it fast so that security people can secure these new resources quickly before the attackers can get to them and do damage. Razor Technology offers specialized support and consulting services and utilizes the Secure Score and Azure Security Center to prioritize, triage and track the ever changing security landscape.

Through a guided and customized eight week implementation we will work with just about any size** Azure implementation to:

  • Visualize your security posture
  • Triage suggestions and take action to improve security
  • Document health and
  • Leverage Azure Well Architected Framework to advise best practices including:
    • Cost Management
    • Operational Excellence
    • Reliability and efficiency
    • Monitoring and alerting
  • Introduce Azure Blueprints
  • Introduce Compliance Center capabilities

Azure Security is a marathon and should not stop with this 8 week Secure Score engagement. Razor Technology offers ongoing support, monitoring and advice around all aspects of your Azure Estate.

**Azure Estates with larger than 50 VM's or highly complex solution workloads or implementations should contact us for a customized quote and project plan