Easy Cloud and Applications: 3-Weeks Briefing

RCR Desenvolvimento de Software Ltda. ME

Acquisition, implementation and optimization of technologies based on Cloud Computing, using the intelligent and strategic way of Azure resources for your business.

We help companies promote innovations with more agility, collaboration and intelligence, to build businesses that attract customers, while achieving scalability and generating cost savings.

During the 3 weeks of evaluation, we will evaluate the scenario of the interested company, in order to adapt to the growth and innovation strategies, observing and respecting its current scenario.

A service for the acquisition, implementation and optimization of technologies based on Cloud Computing, using intelligently and strategically the resources of the Azure for business.

After that, we bring business to Azure Cloud in the smartest and safest way, through strategic and sustainable approaches..

So that companies can create and build sustainable applications using all the propulsion that the Cloud and Artificial Intelligence can offer.

We have a set of services that adapt to companies' growth and innovation strategies, while observing and respecting their current scenario.

  • Migration and Optimization

  • Application Modernization

  • Building Native Cloud Applications

  • Big Data & AI