DevOps Consulting

RCR Desenvolvimento de Software Ltda. ME

We optimize your company's technological development cycle on Microsoft Azure providing expertise, capabilities, and know-how for making your projects faster and simpler.

The goal of consulting services is to provide professional services that help customers get started with or extend their use of [Microsoft Azure] by providing expertise, capabilities, and know-how that they either do not have in-house or need to augment.

In this wat, we increase your organization's ability to respond to market needs faster through more frequent, high-quality deliveries.

We are a world reference in DevOps methodology and the best you could have to assist in your activation. And we were elected by Microsoft as the best partners in the world in DevOps competency (2012)

The pillars of our DevOps Consulting are:

Tactics: we build more efficient and collaborative interactions between people, processes, and technologies, coordinating teams to deliver faster, more reliable, and better products.

Automation: we increase productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks and human dependency on workflows, automating several steps in the test loop, integration, and continuous technology deployment (CI/CD).

Governance: we incorporate strict version control and code quality processes during the development, approval, and production stages, increasing team efficiency and reducing the incidence of errors.

Culture: we gradually improve the integration, communication, and collaboration between technology teams, breaking all existing silos, and building continuous cycles of learning and improvement, in addition to ensuring the adherence and perpetuity of the agile culture in your organization.

What we do differently is:

Experience and own framework: we have some of the biggest success stories of activating the DevOps culture in Brazil. We apply our work methodology that serves as a reference for other companies that want to optimize their development cycles.

Integrated Security (DevSecOps): we automatically build security into our framework, enabling secure software development from the start of the project and reducing security risks without disrupting development schedules.

Data-Driven DevOps (DataOps): we have incorporated performance reports on all project operations and repositories, which are updated in real-time and provide a much more efficient way to manage the development cycle and ensure project governance.

We collaborating to Managers and CTOs can achieve various business goals, such as:

  • Accelerate the development cycle of a solution (Time to market).

  • Respond quickly to market demands, customer requirements, and competitor movements (Lead Time)

  • Develop better, more reliable, and innovative products than your competitor

-Increase productivity, reduce failures, and build higher-quality software(which increases customer satisfaction)

  • Reduce the time to fix failures, as well as the impact of new updates in production

  • Breaking down silos that affect communication, learning, and project development

  • Increase Market Share and Revenue

  • Develop more stable and reliable systems