Source Code Version Control Management: 2 Weeks - Implementation


Manage Azure DevOps projects or integrate existing projects or applications to protect code, maintains history of changes, and enable collaboration.

A Microsoft Azure DevOps version control service that protects code, maintains history of changes, and enable collaboration. The services hosts the repositories and application components necessary to manage source code. Users connect to the repositories from their computers, usually through a client component specific to the version control system. Users don’t directly modify the files in the repository. Instead, they edit working copies within their own environments and then commit or push those changes to the repository. The exact way in which this works depends on the version control system and whether that system is a centralized or distributed one. Azure DevOps supports GIT (distributed) and Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) (centralized). Services Include:

Scalability - These services provide on demand scalability. As the number and size of the version control repository grows, so too does the implementation and maintenance costs associated with housing an on-premises solution. Organizations can now grow and contract operations without costly investments in equipment, software, and other resources. Improved Costs Management – A cloud based version control service can eliminate many of the implementation and maintenance costs associated with in-house hosting. This occurs by eliminating on-premise infrastructure and data center costs by providing geographically-dispersed development and high availability requirements. Resilience – The services ensure that regular maintenance tasks are performed, such as backing up the repositories at regular intervals and implementing tested recovery strategies Additional Services – Services that come at an additional costs.

• Version Control Azure DevOps Project – After creating Azure DevOps Projects, add code to version control. • Version Control On-Premise Solution – Provide version control to existing applications. • Maintain a Source code version control. • Integrated Issue tracking – Repository commit operations can be linked to specific tasks or issues. • Project Management Service – Integrated with version control deployment • Enhanced Security – Digitally signing files or implementing automated vulnerability tests as part of the build process. • Service Evaluation – Provide public facing development projects that allows customers to test drive a service. • Add all the three applications (KOWA Sunshine, KOWA SOP and KOWA Contracts)

Current customer offering – Connectivity for on-premises custom training and management tool that will connect to Azure Dev Ops Server for code management (formerly Teams Foundation Server – Formerly Gethub). Version Control is one of the pools within the new Azure Dev Ops services.

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