ML Solution Feasibility: 2-Week Assessment

RediMinds, Inc

YOU are an innovative organization looking to optimize your operations through Artificial Intelligence leveraging digitized data, this assessment service is right for you.

"Artificial intelligence (AI)” in this context is a “catch-all” term used to describe intelligent tech built using machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), advanced analytics, data Science, etc.

If you are a company/organization sitting on troves of digitized data, this assessment can help you in harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence(AI)/ Machine Learning(ML). We will help you assess if the challenge/problem at hand can be solved using AI/ML and provide a roadmap for developing the solution using Azure Machine Learning Platform. We have rich experience in working with subject matter experts(SMEs) and researchers for translating business outcomes to ML objectives and develop the next generation of intelligent tools.

Key Questions that we will answer for you:

  • Can the objective/problem be achieved/solved using Machine Learning (ML)?
  • Can the available data be used to create/develop a solution?
  • What will the high-level plan/framework to create the solution/model?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How will the model be deployed/served?
At the end of this assessment, we will present a feasibility report containing the following information:
  • Data analysis & model training plan
  • Time & Cost Estimate
  • Plan for model deployment/serving using Azure Machine Learning Platform
  • Option to engage for a Proof of concept