SophosWall: 5 Day Implementation

Reliance Infosystems Limited

This implementation is designed to help customers experience network threat visibility, protection, and response for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Our Azure Certified Architects will help you integrate the solution into your Azure network to give full insights into your network security posture, report potential network breaches on the network and share an executive report on network traffic to and from your Azure & hybrid workloads.

A detailed work scope for the implementation will be drafted, highlighting the deliverables and the respective timelines to enable our cloud & security architects track the deployment activities to closure.

The SophosWall implementation deliverables include:

• Analysis of the Azure cloud networking architecture and existing security policies.

• Prepare SophosWall security solution, configure traffic traversal policies and integrate with cloud platforms outside Azure.

• Creation of network rules, web/app policies, routing, WAF and VPN connections based on the customer’s requirements and best practices.

• Proper configuration of the Route table and Security Groups on the customer’s Azure environment.

• Closure of any unused or unnecessary ports unless advised

• Enabling of proper activity and audit logging to provide visibility into the traffic to and from the Azure workloads.

• Walkthrough on extensive built-in reporting and rich interactive dashboard summarizing events on SophosWall.