TradeOffice - 10-Week Implementation

Reliance Infosystems Limited

Tradeoffice platform provide a unique trading experience for capital market operators of all sizes.

TradeOffice is a cloud-based solution that is tailored to cater for Financial Services needs. It provides functionalities like bookkeeping, account reconciliation, fixed asset management, cash management and many more

TradeOffice uses Azure App service and Azure SQL Database to deliver speed, scale, efficiency and 99.9% uptime.

TradeOffice leverages the power of Azure to deliver the following business benefits:

  1. Integration with exchanges: TradeOffice with the help of Azure Functions provides rich APIs for easy integration with exchanges and securities depositories.

  2. Financial reporting: TradeOffice is built to permit easy generation of reports. Firms can surface Tradeoffice data on Azure SQL Database on PowerBI and other reporting tools on Azure

  3. Seamless trade operations: This service provides firms with functionalities to carry out Buy/Sell operations with its intuitive user interface and web portal that leverages the speed and security of Azure App Services.