AI Power Search Accelerator by WM Reply IT


Deployment of an accelerator solution designed to let you test Sharepoint Online document Search powered by generative AI

"AI Powered Search Accelerator" is an application that integrates with Microsoft Teams and Azure OpenAI (Chat GPT) to address common challenges faced by modern companies in introducing AI in their landscape. It provides an AI Assistant to employees, ensuring security, privacy, and integration with existing tools while keeping cost control and internal cost billing in mind. The application also features an AI-powered search engine that improves the employee experience of searching for company-related information on the intranet, such as procedures, modules, and people. This helps employees find relevant answers quickly and efficiently, reducing frustration and increasing productivity.

The proposed service include: -Accelerator resources setup on an Microsoft Azure Subscription of the client. -WM Reply AI Power Search Accelerator solution deployment -Microsoft Teams App custom branding (name and icons) and deployment on client marketplace -Setup of 1 Microsoft Sharepoint Online new site as document repository -Intro training session for tool usage and guidelines

Microsoft Azure resources required to run the PoC solution: Microsoft Cognitive Search Microsoft Sharepoint Online Microsoft Azure Database Microsoft Azure Web App & Microsoft Azure Functions

The solution offers a set of reporting to monitor cost/consumptions via CSV spreadsheet reporting

To run it requires: Microsoft 365 tenant & licenses including Microsoft Teams Microsoft Azure Subscription Microsoft Open AI access with ChatGPT (3.5 - 4)