Cloud Migration Readiness: 2-Wk Assessment


## Leveraging the power of Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions, our teams are able to design and implement modern cloud architecture for our clients, supporting them in their **Roadmap to Cloud**
### Start your cloud adoption plan with Cluster Reply: 2-weeks assessment activity to analyze applications and related infrastructure. The assessment’s outcome will be a **Cloud Readiness Report** identifying a possible migration plan to Azure. **AGENDA** **Week 1: Assessment** * Interview meetings to understand organization requirements and related applications. * In-depth analysis and assessment of as-is application and infrastructures. **Week 2: Cloud Readiness Report** * Report Cloud readiness of analyzed applications. * Design target cloud architecture and infrastructures. * Design migration process for each application. * Recommendations & Roadmap. * Release of documentation. > [!NOTE] > Please note that the price associated with this offering is limited to 2 weeks and includes 1 person's travel. The price might vary based on the actual length of the assessment and the required number of travels (if demanded by the customer).