Smart Vehicles: 6-Hours Workshop


Smart vehicles are quickly becoming one of the most robust pillars of what is defined as “Smart Society”, transforming traditional transportation businesses to innovative and digital-integrated ones.

The aim of this workshop is to give a clear overview of the benefits that derive from implementing smart vehicles in a company’s E2E fleet management.

Using the support provided by Microsoft Azure technology, Cluster Reply managed to create a new innovative Service Delivery Platform (SDP) that incorporates all the latest advancements in digital progress.

The fusion of AI with IoT plays a key role in the transition from a traditional transportation business to an innovative and digital-integrated one.

The numerous offerings provided by Microsoft Azure are essential for driving business transformation.
More specifically, our solution leverages on the following services:

  • Azure IoT Hub intended for enabling bi-directional communications between smart vehicles and the service delivery platform
  • Azure API management is used for managing traffic to web applications and securing communication with external systems
  • Azure EventHub allows to construct and secure real-time data pipelines, adapting and scaling to meet customer needs and ingesting data from any source and supporting cross-platform development.
  • Azure Data Factory supplies an easy to use, cost effective solution that scales on demand, offering powerful capabilities with more than 90 built-in connectors.
  • Azure Machine Learning studio leverages on robust and end-to-end machine learning capabilities in order to build and deploy models using the tools provided
  • Azure Power BI is utilized for its ease of use, the offering of interactive reports and real-time dashboards, while providing coverage of data sources

As a result of the implementation of machine learning and AI, it is now possible to satisfy the business requirements and goals of every company by customizing each IoT platform and by guaranteeing: reliability, robustness, scalability, security, simplicity, speed and continuity.
The integration of multiple data sources enables a comprehensive perspective on vehicle static information (for example: the model, the engine size, brand…), real-time telemetry data including speed, oil level and tire pressure, geo-temporal insights (environmental data like the weather, the location, the date) and an up-to-date activity history encompassing maintenance and failure events.

It is clear how this kind of solution brings multiple privileges to the customers by:

  • Increasing fleet efficiency
  • Monitoring and reducing fleet management costs
  • Collecting near real-time data through E2E vehicle tracking
  • Improving safety
  • Applying predictive and smart maintenance
  • Adding value to the final customer
  • Providing a higher service level and customer satisfaction

The main benefits you will gain by participating in our workshop are:

  • Understanding your as-is situation
  • Understanding Microsoft Azure capabilities and advantages
  • Understanding the advantages of connecting your vehicles (device geo-localization, remote management of your vehicle, application of predictive maintenance activities, the chance to gather more information on your products such as quality, performances, customer's usage, etc.)
  • Adapting your smart vehicle to your business case
  • Defining a concrete plan for your IoT and AI transformation Journey

The Agenda is divided into two sessions:

  • The first one includes the following topics: IoT and AI industry and trends, exploring Microsoft Azure offerings and all its benefits, exploring possible strategies to enhance scalability and security, IoT and AI transformation journey, business case samples, where you are now.
  • The second session embraces the topics of: tailoring Microsoft Azure offerings to your scenario, defining your IoT and AI transformation journey and providing valuable insights to meet your goals.