Connected Vehicles: 6-Hours Workshop


Connected vehicles are changing the way people think about mobility and transforming how businesses transport products.

Using Microsoft Azure technology, Cluster Reply built a service delivery platform that features new generation telematics, real-time data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Microsoft Azure offers companies all the services and functionalities needed to build a reliable, scalable and secure IoT platform, that can be adjusted and customized depending on business requirements and goals. This kind of solution helps our customers to increase the fleet efficiency; improve safety and apply predictive maintenance, and add value to the final user. We will deep dive on Microsoft Azure benefits for IoT Solutions, such as secure and protect your applications, secure the communication with the device, visualize IoT Data in real time, enhance flexibility and scalability depending on devices and users to be served, benefit from high reliability and business continuity features, etc.

The main benefits of attending this workshop and follow our approach are:

  • understand your as-is situation
  • learn how to connect your vehicle
  • understand Microsoft Azure capabilities and advantages
  • understand the advantages to connect your vehicles (device geo-localization, manage remotely your vehicle, apply predictive maintenance activities, gather more information from your products such as quality, performances, customer's usage, etc.)
  • define a concrete plan for your Internet of Things (IoT) transformation Journey

First Session Agenda:

  • IoT Industry and trends
  • Exploring Microsoft Azure offering and all its benefits
  • Explore possible strategies to enhance scalability and security
  • IoT Transformation Journey
  • Business Case samples
  • Where are you now

Second Session Agenda:

  • Tailor Microsoft Azure offering to your scenario
  • Define your IoT Transformation Journey
  • Valuable insights to meet your goals