Demand Forecasting Solution: 4 - 8 Wk Implementation


Valorem Reply's Advanced Demand Forecasting Accelerator helps organizations implement a solution framework to improve demand forecasting needs using Azure Data Services.

Our Solution is a Demand Forecasting framework built on top of Azure using Azure Data Services - Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse or Azure Databricks, Azure ML etc. Using this accelerator framework customers can implement a demand forecasting engine or extend the solution to their own needs.

By properly analyzing and predicting future demand, customers' products can be made available, so customers can purchase them without waiting for long delivery times.

Forecast up to 1 to 2 years ahead to determine demand patterns, business decisions, external factors, and retailer data.

FORECASTING ENGINE - Decide on Future Forecast Period - Review Base Demand - Decide on Variable and Trends - Create Models - Adjust Models

ADVANTAGES - Increase in sales - Customer satisfaction - Higher inventory turnover - Reduced product spoilage - Reduced personnel costs