ERP Nitro Data Accelerator: 4-8 Wk Implementation


Valorem Reply's ERP Nitro Data Accelerator is designed for enterprises that want to cut costs and use advanced analytics tools to make better decisions with large volumes of data.

Whether you're looking to extract SAP to the cloud, use modern AI & analytics tools, or combine with other data sources, Valorem Reply's SAP and Azure experts can help you gain full control over your data & reporting. The ERP Data Nitro Accelerator reduces deployment time, decreases consumption costs, allows for a smaller data platform team, and increases trust in your data.

ACCELERATOR ADVANTAGES - Data Platform deployed by ARM templates - Ops Dashboard that monitors computing and storage costs - Data Quality Scorecard and data validation checks & alerts - Prebuilt CI/CD and Ingestion Engine - Foundational and ongoing support for governance, security, training, and organizational change management

DELIVERABLES - Ingestion Framework - Data Quality Engine - Data Validation - CI/CD Automation Pipelines - Operations Data Models - Data Quality and Operations Dashboard