AI-Augmented Factory Control Tower: 6-hours Workshop


Our solution facilitates manufacturing processes by leveraging a robust platform rooted in real-time IoT data, empowering operators with increased autonomy via mixed reality, and Generative AI.

The objective of this workshop is to provide a clear overview on the advantages that derive from implementing Cluster Reply’s AI augmented Factory Control Tower in a company’s production environment.
The starting point lies in the alignment of the ever-changing smart ecosystem’s trends, shaped by cutting-edge IoT and AI advancements, with a smart custom-fitted plant infrastructure. Thanks to the integration of Cluster Reply’s offer and Microsoft Azure’s providings, manufacturers are enabled to bring the power of the fusion between IoT and AI to their production room floors, facilitating multiple activities such as maintenance and monitoring actions.
From the perspective of services offered by Azure, we leverage the following:

  • IoT Hub provides the ability to connect, monitor and manage billions of IoT assets.
  • IoT Edge extends cloud intelligence and analytics to edge devices, acting as a gateway for the cloud
  • Data Factory is able to process raw data from external services and systems (ex. ERP)
  • Stream Analytics provides real-time analytics on fast moving streams of data from applications and devices
  • Cosmos DB offers a multi-model database for unstructured data
  • Machine Learning leverages on robust and end-to-end ML capabilities in order to build and deploy models of smart maintenance
  • Open AI serves as a valuable resource for all operators as it allows to provide a support tool through the integration of an intelligent chatbot The solution enables remote monitoring and management, the status of industrial assets and production machines, providing a unified and detailed view of the plant.
    Through the portal interface, crucial information about machine performance, including errors, cycle times and operational status, can be accessed in near real-time and in a unique touchpoint.
    By connecting machines to the edge and presenting data in one comprehensive platform, manufacturers can easily access the data they need to make informed decisions about maintenance, production, and operational efficiency goals. The ability to switch from a reactive or scheduled approach to preventive maintenance can reduce the cost of maintenance hours and decrease the need to replace equipment. Another crucial point is smart maintenance, this is a solution designed to run on both mobile devices and mixed reality headsets, capable of bringing digital documentation, instructions and IoT data directly to the area of operation, speeding up the operational process conducted by technicians. Leveraging on mixed reality, another trend emerges: Smart Assembly.
    This uses Hololens technology to guide the operator through the assembly process by showing components in 3D.
    Smart Assembly allows the assembly process to be designed with augmented reality by introducing hands-free instruction manuals to access photos and documentation without losing control over the object to be assembled.
    Another related theme is the one that refers to smart packaging: a solution that incorporates advanced technologies to enhance the entire packaging process by increasing functionality, security and sustainability. Moreover, it can greatly enhance the processes of onboarding and training: efficiency is considerably improved since a lot of tasks can be automated, it is possible to offer personalized training experiences based on the skill levels of each individual, it provides interactive learning due to the AR environment and can help improve knowledge retention. Finally, all of these aspects are reflected in the significant boost in employee morale. A final element of the solution is the assistance provided through an intelligent chatbot, powered by generative AI and integrated with internal documentation.
    This chatbot provides quick and timely assistance to operators, enabling them to visualize real-time data and investigate errors detected on specific machines autonomously. This leads to greater operator autonomy in intervention and maintenance operations, improving the overall efficiency of the production process.

The workshop is structured in two sessions of 3 hours each:

  • First Session Agenda: smart ecosystem (fifth industrial revolution, IIoT and AI market trends), explaining Cluster Reply’s offer, Microsoft and Reply partnership, IoT accelerator, Smart maintenance, Smart assembly, Intelligent chatbot Assistance, Business case samples, where you are now
  • Second Session Agenda: understanding your context, exploring possible use cases, adapting our solution to your specific needs, defining your strategy approach: from testing to large-scale implementation (from PoC to scale-up)