Robotics in a Day Workshop (1 Day Onsite Proof of Value )

Reply AG

Plan your on-site proof of value workshop featuring live demonstrations and robots like SPOT from Boston Dynamics

Understand all the potentials of the autonomous mobile robotics and plan a workshop to get a real demonstration on how robots like SPOT or Magni will bring value to your organization. The workshop clarifies the value of the Azure infrastructure and demonstrates the benefit of the Azure IoT Hub, for example for the telemetry purposes.

These are two online evaluative sessions, meant to clarify your own needs and plan the on-site workshop depending on your specific business case, with robotics and AI engineers. During these sessions you'll have an introduction about Autonomous Mobile Robots possibilities and you'll evaluate a real workshop to see Boston Dynamics' robotic dog SPOT and Magni from Ubiquity Robotics in action and take control of them. You will be able to test the robots and corresponding sensors to be applied to your own use cases. The fundament of the success is Azure based platform: "Roboverse" which enables the integration of vendor independent multiple robots and sensors. The platform allows to plan Autonomous Missions with pre-defined AI Skills!

We'll help you to:

  • Get to know more about autonomous mobile robots
  • Identify the right application scenarios and understand how robots can help your organization to achieve your goals
  • Plan an on-site bespoke workshop with robots like Boston Dynamics' robotic dog SPOT or Magni robot from Ubiquity Robotics
  • Plan an on-site bespoke workshop to test the robots in your own environment and have a live demonstration

In the first session, the expert will provide a first overview of how processes can be automated with autonomous mobile robots thanks to intelligent cloud services, agile workflows, computer vision and machine learning. We want to understand the need of your company and define the use cases we will focus on during the on-site Robotics in a day workshop. We want to deep dive in your domain-specific topics.

In the second session we will clarify the logistics and organization topics. We will decide together which robots and sensors to involve in the on-site Robotics in a day workshop.