Security: 2-day Azure Security Workshop

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Security in the cloud can be a challenge! Get yourself ready for securing your cloud applications and data in Azure by attending a 2 day workshop led by our cloud security experts.

This 2-Day workshop (virtual or on-site) will provide you a solid understanding of cloud security, which is essential to ensure that all compliance regulations are met and your data and applications are well protected.

We from Spike Digital Reply are a strong and competent partner when it comes to cloud security. In this workshop, we want to share our many years of experience in cloud security so that you can take your cloud security into your own hands.

This workshop for Azure security best practices is based on the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) best practices, Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework, and any other relevant technology-specific best practices and includes the following topics:

  • Explanation of the different Cloud concepts and architectures
  • How to ensure compliance, governance and business continuity
  • Network & Infrastructure Security
  • Identity & Access Management (IAM)
  • Solid data security in the cloud
  • Application Security with DevSecOps approaches

By attending the workshop, you will be able to understand the general concepts of cloud security, apply critical thinking, and perform simple threat modeling when dealing with the cloud. This knowledge is a key first step towards achieving a good cloud security baseline in Azure.