Cloud Migration: 5-Day Workshop

Reply Ltd

Evaluate your cloud options with Microsoft Azure, envision your future state and plan ahead. Based on Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework.

When embarking on cloud migration, it is vital to consider the best approach for your specific business needs and identify ‘low hanging fruit’ to deliver early success. Through many years of experience in delivering Microsoft Azure solutions, Cluster Reply have developed a robust methodology aligned with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework, which encompasses each stage of a cloud migration. Whether you are at the start of your journey or require guidance post adoption, Cluster Reply has the expertise and know how to optimise and accelerate your journey and maximise returns. Cluster Reply’s Cloud Migration Workshop provides expert guidance, best practices, and the tools to evaluate, envision and plan your adoption journey, starting from workloads that can offer quick wins.


Day 1-2 Evaluate your options and define a migration strategy

• Understand motivations for migration • Define business justification/outcomes • Identify a suitable workload • Identify key dependencies/constraints • Identify key stakeholders • Assess landing zone

Day 3-4 Convert the aspirational goals of the strategy into an actionable plan

• Assess internal capabilities/skills level • Assess landing lone • Unpack key attributes of the workload • Envision end state vision using 5R’s • Qualify migration and/or modernisation vision • Plan migration

Day 5 (Offline) Document migration plan, key considerations and next steps

• Produce workshop report (outlines strategic decisions and key considerations) • Document high level migration plan Produce High Level roadmap for future state • Next steps (Ready/Adoption/Govern/Manage)