Medicine Traceability and Verification: 0.5 Day Briefing

Reply Ltd

A Half Day Briefing to learn about Solidsoft Reply's approach to combating falsified medicines, the using Traceability and Verification System (TRVST).

Solidsoft Reply is the global leader in medicines verification technology. Falsified medicines may cause harm to patients and fail to treat diseases effectively. They contribute to antimicrobial resistance and drug-resistant infections. They lead to a loss of confidence in medicines, healthcare providers and health systems. Falsification accounts for losses of around US$ 200 billion globally and US$ 30 billion in low and middle income countries (LMICs) where the risk of diversion is higher due to limited governance structures, tools, and technical capacity. 

Building on our investment in medicines verification technology, we offer a solution built on Microsoft Azure to support medicine verification to GS1 standards (EPCIS, CBV, Digital Links) and support traceability throughout the supply chain.​ TRVST, pronounced ‘Trust’, is the world’s first global medicines verification system designed to support low and middle-income countries in their ongoing fight to eliminate falsification and diversion of medicinal products.​ TVRST is a system which allows users, such as health care workers, regulatory authorities and customs agents, to use a phone application to scan medical product barcodes and verify their authenticity in real time. The solution relies on a global repository that stores health product information such as Global Trade Item, serial and batch numbers, production and expiry dates.   

TRVST can provide your organisation with:

  • Supply Chain Traceability: Data is fed into TRVST by medical product manufacturers. The system allows end users to use a phone application to verify their authenticity in real time. 
  • Combating Counterfeit Medicines: Ensuring higher levels of verification controls, giving patient access to safe, effective and quality-assured vaccines and other medicines. 
  • Mobile Verification: Allows users, such as health care workers, regulatory authorities and customs agents, to use a phone application to scan medical product barcodes. 
  • Real Time Authenticity: Any verification failure or suspect activities will trigger an alert which will be sent to respective manufacturers and regulatory authorities.

Customer Success: In July 2022 UNICEF announced a milestone moment in efforts to tackle the global counterfeit medicines industry as Rwanda and Nigeria became the first countries in Africa to authenticate vaccines using GS1 barcoding technology with The Traceability and Verification System (TRVST).  The initiative is the result of a two-year long, multi-stakeholder project partnership composed of UNICEF, Gavi, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Global Fund, USAID, Vital Wave, and the World Bank. The TRVST is an important addition to improve efficiency in sharing data across the chain, strengthen data quality, extend data visibility, and reduce costs of data capture and transformation. TRVST is now expected to scale up and expand to routine vaccines and other health products to treat HIV, tuberculosis, reproductive health supplies, anti-malarial items and other essential medicines.  

TVRST is built on Microsoft Azure: Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB and Azure SQL Database.

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