Azure Migration Workshop

Resolution Technology Pty Ltd

The Azure Migration Workshop aims to assess your business objectives for an Azure migration, as well as uncovering infrastructure and application insights to help build your migration business case.

Navigating a cloud migration is complex.

As an experienced Azure Deployment Partner, we’ll make sure you avoid the common roadblocks that cause cloud adoption initiatives to stall or fail before they even start.

The Azure Migration Workshop leverages RES. Business IT’s extensive real-world experience of assisting businesses move to the cloud.

The workshop will focus on understanding your business objectives and pain points, as well as your infrastructure and business application landscape. RES. Business IT will outline an actionable roadmap with the next steps to kick-start your migration project.

Starting with a clear understanding of your specific needs and environment will not only increase the chances of project success but also uncover business benefits that are available by modernising key workloads and applications.