ReArquitectura Cloud Assessment


We help you take the software architecture of your business one step further and make the most of the power of Azure. Improve, optimize and modernize your universe of business applications.

This service proposes improvements to your current software architecture with the intention of taking advantage of the full power of Azure. Ricoh advises you for: • Redesign and standardize the software architecture of your applications, services and projects. • Reduce the costs of acquisition / construction / maintenance of assets and so that you take advantage of all the benefits of Azure • Modernize your services, APIs and applications, including your own internal capabilities. This service consists of 3 phases (+2 optional) Phase 1 – Analysis of the current situation and Road Map in order to meet the objective. In this plan, an estimation of costs and indicative times is developed in order to establish the viability of the project. Phase 2 – Design of the Cloud Migration Plan. Dashboard to monitor the system and see the status of the application. Training the team to get started with Application Insight and the Azure Portal. Phase 3 – Life Cycle Management. Create and configure an Azure DevOps service for your organization. Documentation related to the use case or contracted service (Documentation on Branch Management, Environment Management, the quality of the code included in the repositories, Training on Azure Devops, Mentoring) Phase 4 - Training (optional) Phase 5 - Mentoring (optional)

The assessment is also available in Spanish. Final price depends on the scope.