Ricoh Sustainability Proof of Concept 3WKs


Ricoh Sustainability Proof of Concept 3WKs

At Ricoh, we firmly believe that the companies of the future will be judged not only on their financial performance, but also on their contribution to addressing these societal challenges.

"WEEK 1: INITIATE - Sustainability overview briefing. Understand & prioritize sustainability aspirations. Identify business challenges, opportunities & scenarios.

WEEK 2 & 3: DISCOVERY - Work collaboratively to complete sustainability scorecard questions. This exercise will help visualize key areas of concern. Support development of current thinking within the organization by benchmarking current knowledge around trends & practices. Assess the current technology landscape & evaluate sustainability in the business's approach to data storage, compute and end-user computing. Leverage agile thinking & explore sustainable software processes through a product lens. Explore inward & outward-facing business communications & initiatives around sustainability. Map initiatives & opportunities that may impact your sustainability targets.

DELIVERABLES - Sustainability Dashboard: a dashboard that highlights sustainability scores, which gives businesses an easy reference point for new initiatives. Sustainability Roadmap: a report that breaks down the roadmap to achieve the agreed sustainability outcomes. The report includes inward & outward-facing messaging and how to leverage Microsoft Azure to enable their sustainability journey."

Pricing will be based on the scope of work. The Proof of concept is also available in Spanish