Enterprise Development Platform: 6 - Week Implementation

Rifumo Empowerment Holdings

An extension of Microsoft 365, Power Platform and Microsoft Azure managed infrastructure to external enterprise stakeholders though cloud hosted serverless services, web and mobile applications

Enterprise Development Platforms provides its primary customers the cost-effective capability to stimulate the economy by using a platform that allows their customers to generate income within their communities. The platform will enable organizations of any size in all sectors including governments to trade with one another and their respective client base. It is a turnkey solution that empowers enterprise communities to interact with ease between their customers, suppliers and internally using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform as the underlying technologies.

Real time transactions and information dispensing are highly beneficial to any external client focused business in need of advocating and provisioning any client 360 nature and self-service behavior.

Physical Walk-in and contact centers are associated with more challenges than they are worth. They mostly offer a single channel of communication between internal and external groups. There are also issues of inability to track interactions, outdated information, and human error in most manual processes. A modern client service environment should address the following:

   • Client-focused Sales and Service Management

         o	Lead and Opportunity generation

         o	Invoicing and Online payments

         o	Timely Notifications

   • Batch Processing

         o	High volume transactions activated by a client based on defined triggers

   • Mobility

         o	 Ability to manage all aspects of services offerings remotely

   • Self-Reporting

         o Web based Analytics

         o Real-time monitoring

Enterprise development solutions are both SaaS cloud based and client facing applications that extend all capabilities of internal Microsoft 365 applications, cloud, and on-premises services inter-application integration. The offerings are both Mobile and web based with a range of capabilities:

      •  Turnkey with Plug & Play

            o Generic optimization to be easily run-on Microsoft Azure and easily integrate into all applications and tools within

      • Authentication

           o Conditional based access, Microsoft 365's token-based scheme and multifactor authentication are generic pre-configured for all services and applications

      • Less administration overheads

           o Platform as a services infrastructure transfers these tasks to the cloud provider.

      • Fully Scalable and Elastic

           o More computing resources and services can be added to use as required and downscale when there is not demand 

Microsoft Azure Containers and serverless functions provide fully scalable and seamless integration into any application while requiring less administration and security interventions. Azure API manager provides quick fit-for-purpose data integration points that can be configured out-of-the-box.

Note: This is a cloud-based subscription (licensed) solution with a once-off implementation fee and support and maintenance services. Implementation pricing varies and is based on the services required and their respective complexity.