Mobile App Audit:5-Day Assessment


The App Audit Assessment provides current state insights and recommendations for improvement.

Mobile apps are not only a valuable addition to your business, but they’re also a powerful tool for connecting and engaging with customers. However, with no shortage of apps to choose from, it can be difficult for businesses to generate downloads and keep users engaged in such a saturated market.

Microsoft's Azure platform has grown into a strong option for your mobile app. Rightpoint’s App Audit Assessment for Azure can help you stand out by providing valuable insight into how your app is performing across critical metrics, including:

Awareness: How easy is your app to find, and how well does it compel users to install it?

Onboarding: Is your onboarding process as simple and streamlined as possible?

Engagement: Does your app provide users with an engaging and fulfilling experience?

Sustainability: Can your app sustain interest and keep users engaged through methods like gamification, personalization, and incentives?

Once the FREE Mobile App Audit Assessment is complete, you’ll have greater insight into the current state of your mobile app, along with guidance on a path for improvement including migration to the Azure cloud if not already an Azure-based app.

Plus, you’ll be able to tap into the many benefits our team of experts can provide like:

  • Improving your app's ratings by driving more downloads and increasing the adoption of your mobile apps.
  • Decreasing the likelihood of app abandonment due to confusing user experiences.
  • Building a stronger brand by generating awareness, promoting regular interactions, and increasing customer loyalty.
  • Encouraging engagement by enhancing the customer experience and relieving pain points.
  • Providing added value to your customers through personalization via tailored communications.
  • Benchmarking your app against your competitors to see how you stack up against the competition.