Mobile App Development: 4 Week Proof of Concept

Rightpoint Consulting, LLC

Collaborative product development sprints with Customer's team, stakeholders, and Rightpoint subject matter experts across strategy, research, product management, design, and technology.

Without a continuous focus on product & service innovation, industry and market leaders will quickly become obsolete and challengers will rise to the top. To stay relevant in today’s rapidly accelerating technology landscape, companies need to fundamentally re-think the way they do business or risk extinction. Organizations that understand the value of innovation continuously invest in concepting and validating new business models, rapidly testing new ideas, and embracing emerging technologies to deliver new and compelling experiences to their customers.

One way to take action today is by engaging with Rightpoint on a Mobile App Innovation Sprint, leveraging Microsoft Azure. We’ll bring a team of subject matter experts to help think through your organization’s most pressing business challenges and emerge with a plan and prioritized next actions. With a firm foundation in strategy, design, and technology our teams bring a well-rounded skillset allowing organizations to move quickly from idea to implementation. We believe in bringing a “what if” and “why not” attitude to every opportunity, and with end-to-end capabilities, our passion and experience helps clients bring those “what if” ideas to life.

This workshop will help customers understand building Mobile applications using Azure services such as App Service, Azure Kubernete Service, and Visual Studio App Center.

We will cover the following scope of work during the sprints: • Mission / Vision definition • Rapid Idea Generation & Concepting • Feature Prioritization • User/Stakeholder Interviews • Prototype Creation & Validation

The result: A Proof of Concept along with a set of actionable and prioritized ideas to help solve the most pressing business challenge.

Final cost of the engagement will be determined by the actual number of hours billed during the sprints.