Industry 4.0 & Azure IoT - a 2 day assessment

RIS 2048

A 2 day assessment to survey and understand current maturity level, best practices and insights on industry 4.0 and Azure IoT to help build a roadmap to digital transformation

plan Companies need to understand their internal maturity level regarding IoT and Industry 4.0 best practices, to allow for process digitalization and increased efficiency and traceability. The goal of this assessment is to provide initial diagnostics for these topics to help build a roadmap for digital transformation, as well as a foundation on available technologies and solutions.


  • Survey for: production process, production reporting, integration of industrial communication protocols and IoT gateways, installed sensors for production KPIs, reporting tools for KPIs.


  • Report including identification of productions areas where quick wins can be applied using sensor and IOT tools to achieve fast optimization; diagram for integration between industrial communication protocols and IOT gateways; landscape of digital tools and software for delivering KPIs and production integrated reporting;
  • Explain Azure IoT and how to securely connect, monitor and control your devices