Rise Technology - Cloud Native App Redesign - 28 Wk Implementation

Rise Technology

Redesign your applications using modern software technologies and cloud native approach.

Cloud Native is the way of accelerating your business with modern application approaches like development with latest language and frameworks and microservices architecture, containerizing your applications and orchestrating them with Kubernetes, creating end-to-end CI/CD pipelines and automating the processes and leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud services at ful scale. These technologies are agile, scalable, secure and has proven for your applications. We offer you to transform your applications with best practices and work properly on dynamic environments then deploying them to private, hybrid or public cloud.

We offer to transform enterprise software, assist IT teams while working on business needs and following up with modern technologies. In this way, your business quality and customer satisfaction will be improved.

As Rise Technology, we offer you to be your business partner on both application transformation and Azuer infrastructure needs with our highly experienced teams.

Redesign Process Includes;

• Understanding the domain and examining database design, split it to meaningfull contexts if it's possible and choosing the best suitable database model like Azure Sql Database, Azure SQL MI, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Time Series databases, Storage Accounts • Creating and Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources. • Choosing sutiable data encryption model and designing PKI infrastructure leveraging Azure Key Vault • Using Azure Devops for CI/CD pipelines, source control and Azure Boards for Project Management. Using Git for version control. • Creating Solution Architecture leveraging Microsoft Azure Services o Designing suitable Load Balancing solution using Azure Load Balancer, Azure Application Gateway, Azure Traffic Manager, Azure Front Door o Azure Api Management as Application Gateway for microservices. o Azure AD or Azure AD B2C for Identity Provider solution and/or integrating it with custom developed Identity Server using Identit Server Framework. o Using Azure Container Registry for container registration. o Using Azure Kubernetes Services for orchestraing containers. o Creating most suitable async communication solution leveraging Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Grid and Azure Event Hubs o Creating Integration Platforms using Azure Logic Apps and Azure Event Grid o Creating Utility Services like Azure Cache for Redis for Distributed Cache, Elastic Search for search engine and for logs persistance levering Kibana for log monitoring. Using Prometheus and Graphana for storing and visualizing application metrics.

• Developing microservices with latest .net framework and relevant productive tools. Using Azure Functions for developing microservices when it’s possible/meaningfull. • Creating Monitoring solutions using Azure Monitor, Azure Application Insights. • Documenting all architecture and development process