Cloud Cost Optimisation - 10 day implementation

risual Limited

risual's Azure Optimisation allows organisations to track and monitor their costs on Azure, assuring they are getting the most value possible from the Microsoft cloud.

Many customers move to Azure with cost savings in mind but when they start to receive their monthly bills it can sometimes be a challenge to understand where the costs are coming from. The charts available in the Azure Management portal provide a high level overview however risual has recognized the need to provide visibility of the charges in a simple, easy to understand format with additional granular detail.

To address this, risual has developed a set of reports and dashboards utilising the Enterprise Agreement Azure Management portal to provide reactive, proactive and interactive views displaying an essential breakdown of where costs are incurred. These reports and dashboards provide our customers with visibility of costs to manage their Azure consumption more effectively and understand at a resource level where savings could be made; thus, providing our customers with the tool set to gain greater control managing consumption and costs within Azure, utilising PowerBI to provide real time and future predictive costs.

The risual Cost Optimisation Solution provides the level of governance required, allowing you to monitor all your organisations resources in Azure and provide true costs and consumption.

Overall cost varies from customer to customer, risual can be flexible in terms of the delivery, for example, just completing the gathering of information and the reporting or alternatively supporting the customer through the whole journey with implementation and further evaluation.