Azure Migrate QuickStart: 3-Day Implementation


Deployment of Azure Migrate and test migration of server and services to Azure as part of proof of concept and initial implementation of an Azure Migration Factory

This 3-day service enables customers to understand the process of migrating business services to Azure.

It demonstrates the Azure Migrate tool used to migrate a server running “on-premises” to an Azure virtual machine (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and migrates a SQL Server database to an Azure SQL Database (Platform-as-a-Service).

Features Include: Create a project with Azure Migrate and demonstrate options for assessing and migrating on-premises servers and databases Install an appliance in the customer environment (VMware/Hyper V/physical) to discover existing server specifications and performance profiles Perform an assessment to show recommended equivalent virtual machine sizes, costs and readiness of individual servers for migration to Azure Demonstrate the process of configuring a server for replication, conducting a test failover and then a full migration to an Azure virtual machine Demonstrate the process for migrating a SQL Server database to an Azure SQL Database Create a virtual machine in Azure and optionally promote to a domain controller in the customer’s Active Directory domain

Benefits for you: Low-Level inventory of your existing server infrastructure and an estimate of the equivalent costs in Azure Build confidence in the process of migrating resources to Azure Test the server migration into Azure without impacting the running service Prove the process of migration SQL Data into Azure services