Cloud Centre of Excellence: 3-hr Briefing Session


Explains how a CCoE can help and organisation to increase the speed of their journey to the cloud. Combining Cloud Platform, Migration Factory, Cloud Governance, Cloud Automation the CCoE is built.

This offering is a briefing call to go through how risual can support your organisation to implement processes, service roles and the underlining Microsoft Azure technology required to implement and then run your own Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE). By combining our Cloud Platform, Migration Factory, Cloud Governance, Cloud Automation engagements using our expertise to develop your own CCoE you can speed up deployment of cloud services, implement governance and identify new innovation opportunities to get the cloud working harder for you.

We will go through with you how our engagements will: - Describes how an organisation can align with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). Identifies the roles and transformation requirements of your organisations IT services to a mature cloud model. Drive cloud-enabled transformation across the organisation and help stakeholders think through the business possibilities enabled by cloud. Create policies in collaboration with across your departments. Create reusable templates that align with security, compliance, and service management policies. Maintain a functional and cost relevant cloud platform in alignment with operational procedures. Utilise governance and reporting tools to support financial risk management. Raise the level of knowledge on cloud technology across the force, capturing, determining and disseminate best practices. Ensure that automation tools are utilised to implement standards in commonly needed platform components and activates.

The benefits to your organisations are: risual are an Azure Expert MSP accredited Microsoft partner.​ Delivered by our Microsoft and industry qualified and experienced cloud architects.​ Drives digital culture change across the organisation. Identifies opportunities to leverage modern technology such as PaaS/SaaS.​ Helps organisations understand and address Digital skills gaps. Helps the organisation to systematically a mature IT operating model that is cloud focused.