Datacenter Consolidation Jumpstart 30 day Service

RiverMeadow Software, Inc

Integrated Discovery & Migration Services for 100 Servers into Azure in 30 days or less.

RiverMeadow and Movere have integrated and simplified the complex process of IT discovery and application migration to deliver an automated, accurate and fast solution that accelerates migration to Azure.\With just the click of a button from the RiverMeadow dashboard, Movere gathers and collects the data needed for RiverMeadow to automatically begin application migration. Within hours, your datacenter migration will be underway and within 30 days, you will be able to discover, migrate and validate your applications are up and running successfully in Azure. And RiverMeadow will do all of the work for you!

Automated, accelerated and accurate, RiverMeadow and Movere are the gold standard in IT infrastructure discovery and migration:

  • Scan over 1,000 servers per hour, both physical and virtual

  • Right size for the cloud using performance level data

  • Trusted by thousands of enterprise customers globally

  • Go from deployment to migration in fewer than 14 days

  • Migration methodology tested and proven over hundreds of successful migration projects

Business Value


  • Complete discovery of inventory and performance data on every device in the network to plan cloud migrations

  • Full visibility into 100% of what’s there, how, and when it’s being used, by whom, and where

  • Application dependency mapping from the single-thread of a database through to the end-user to ensure nothing is left behind


  • Live, agentless, non-intrusive, hypervisor-agnostic cloud migrations at scale with no interruption to workload and performance

  • Easy migration of physical, virtual or cloud servers

  • Live migration ensuring maximum application uptime for continuous 24x7x365 operations


  • Migration readiness with pre-flight validation checks and full source platform/OS support that includes intelligent application migration and operating system upgrades to mitigate risk

  • Ability to test/validate target application before cutover