Azure Migration - 1 to 4 week Assessment

RKON Technologies

Assessment and migration path for new and current customers to RKON's Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

RKON's offers a rapid assessment and migration path for any new or current customer to our Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Azure services are moved in resource groups across subscriptions into the source CSP subscription. RKON keeps you up and running, all while ensuring best practices around security, compliance, and manageability.

  • We start with a look at your organization’s existing technology, infrastructure, and operational processes.

  • After learning about your business needs and technology, we move into identifying any gaps, assessing the options and, reviewing solutions.

*In the final step, we work with your team to outline a plan of the recommendations on how to achieve your goals. We will help you manage the challenges of modernizing and optimizing your workplaces.

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