Linux OSS DB Migration:8wk Implementation

Robert Bosch Technical and Business Solutions GmbH

Enabling organization to optimize their cloud spend by migrating any DB to OSS Database for Azure with Assessment, Cost & Infrastructure Estimation and Migration Reports.

Is your database ageing out? Are you looking to adopt the benefits of moving your databases to the cloud? If yes, Bosch an [ Linux and Open Source Databases Migration to Microsoft Azure advanced specialization] partner is your one-stop shop for migrating all your Linux and Open Source Databases to Azure. Bosch’s Industry-standard Database Migration framework coupled with its Microsoft certified SMEs will conduct thorough discovery and assessment of your current estate followed by designing and planning your migration strategy and lastly performing the actual migration on Azure. Following are the Linux and OSS DB migration scenarios we are catering to: • MySQL Server to Azure Database for MySQL (PaaS) • PostgreSQL server to Azure Database for PostgreSQL (PaaS) • MariaDB to Azure Database for MariaDB (PaaS) • Cassandra, MongoDB and any other OSS Database to Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS) or Azure Cosmos DB • Any Linux OS workloads to Azure Virtual Machines • MySQL/MariaDB/Postgres to Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS).

The Competency has been audited and validated by ISSI [ Information system Security International ]

The major highlights of our Consulting and Professional Services are:

Practitioners Approach:

Discovery and Assessment Workshop: • Technical workshop with the customer • Identify existing OSS DB and review the portfolio

Design and Build • Solution Analysis & Design • Workload Categorization and Move group formation • Design and build the Azure base environment

Migrate and Validate • Securely migrate the OSS DB to Azure. • Validate the successful migration

The Key Deliverables that you will get are:

Assessment Report: This document will enumerate the findings of our discovery workshops. Migration strategy Document: This document will detail out the migration approach undertaken, migration plan and wave group details. Build Documents: This document is inclusive of HLD and LLD along with the Azure foundation setup validation.