Microsoft Copilot in Azure Readiness Assessment - 4 Week Assessment


Protiviti’s Microsoft Copilot in Azure Readiness Assessment provides an actionable approach to prepare organizations for the implementation and rollout of Microsoft Copilot in Microsoft Azure.

With Copilot, gain new insights, discover more benefits of the cloud, and orchestrate data across both the cloud and the edge. Copilot AI assistance utilizes language models, the Azure control plane, and insights about your Azure and Arc–enabled assets. All of this is carried out within the framework of Azure's steadfast commitment to safeguarding your data security and privacy.

Leveraging Microsoft Copilot for Azure effectively within an organization involves careful planning, integration and management to maximize its benefits. As organizations prepare, it is essential to establish a solid foundation to ensure a smooth transition.

Our Readiness Assessment

  1. Value Identification:
  • Define Client Vision & Objectives
  • Discovery
  • Light Business Case Modeling
  1. Data:
  • Understanding of client data assets
  • Review of data assets & data availability
  • Review of Data Governance in place
  1. Skills:
  • Interactive workshop with key stakeholders on existing skills to deploy AI overall, and against prioritized use cases
  1. Prepare Environment:
  • Data Residency & Storage
  • Licenses & User Accounts
  • Microsoft Security Requirements
  1. Experimentation:
  • Interviews with key stakeholders to understand test and learn environment, approach, processes, capabilities, funding mechanisms
  1. Change Management:
  • Interviews with key stakeholders in prioritized opportunity areas to determine organization readiness to change (in person or survey)

Final Key Deliverables:

  • Overall Readiness Score
  • Implementation Recommendations
  • Defined Gaps in each Area