Azure Defender IoT Quickstart - 6 Week implementation


Secure Your IoT Devices and Proactively Monitor Threats with Azure Defender for IoT

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Protiviti’s Azure Defender for IoT Quickstart is a comprehensive framework for analyzing your IoT ecosystem, preparing you to identify IoT vulnerabilities and close the gaps. Our thorough process identifies known and unknown IoT assets, policies, and documentation; setting the foundation for establishing your IoT security strategy and assessing your readiness for securing IoT devices in your network.

Key Activities Include:

  • Inventory Assets: It’s hard to secure what you don’t know exists. Leverage Azure Defender for IoT to discover devices and their communication protocols.
  • Identify Gaps: Often, security policies/ procedures are inadequate for or do not consider IoT devices. Review for completeness against standards to identify gaps.
  • Assess Your Ecosystem: The IoT ecosystem is expansive, inclusive of cloud platforms, communication protocols, gateways, etc. Understand the security implications of each of those areas of the ecosystem.
  • Outline a Roadmap: By identifying assets, outlining procedural gaps, and evaluating IoT ecosystem security we are positioned to develop actionable next steps to address findings.

Offer price is estimated based on the number of devices and network configuration.